Thanksgiving Week

This week I challenge everyone to focus on personal growth/ capacity for change. Taking time for our own personal growth is crucial. Take a step back this week and brainstorm, make some changes, do some reflection time before the craziness of the holiday season begins. Be thankful for where you are today, and hopeful of where you can / want to be in the future. Here are some ideas for you to try:

  • Volunteer to help someone at work- “help” can take many forms
  • Volunteer at a community organization -discover the needs fo others in your community and put your talents and skills at work
  • Read a fun book
  • Quiet relaxation or reflection – 10 mins each day
  • Contact a friend or family member -stay in touch with those that matter most
  • Sign up for something that you have always wanted to do or learn about
  • Listen to relaxation tapes
  • Read a self-helo book what are you really good at? Choose a book to read that will make you even better at it!
  • Enroll in an educational class-what have you always wanted to know more about, but were afraid to ask?
  • Do something creative! Do a project at home
  • Find a new hobby
  • Take an art class, or paint a picture.


Take time this week to also brainstorm some things that you are thankful for. Could be anything. Tell someone that you are thankful for them, or go out of your way to do a random act of kindness.


Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving! 🙂


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